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No paper, no disposables - our paperless solutions.

Our environmentally friendly solution uses modern non-expendable RFID tokens to service short-term clients instead of paper tickets. This not only cuts operating costs, it also saves dozens of kilos of paper over the token's life cycle.

A token's average life expectancy is 100,000 read/write cycles, or 10 years of operation at 30 cycles per day.

This means that almost every our token you use instead of paper tickets (6x8cm) saves 15 standard packs of paper (500 pages of A4 format) during its lifetime.

Sunlight to sharp your image

We use only transflective LCD displays for our parking check-in units. These LCDs utilise direct sunlight to keep brilliant sharpness and image contrast, even in outdoor environments where other technologies would show foggy and blurred images. Moreover, image quality is very stable even at low temperatures. This feature provides our clients with perfect visual quality for ads and text messages regardless of the weather.

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