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Parking management automation system

HiPark systems automate business processes for easy parking management. HiPark is highly flexible system open to customisation. Many configurations can be made from the basic modules — the check-in/check-out control units and cashier's workstation sets. The HiPark includes the unique fully automatic bidirectional module T32 for simultaneous management of entry and exit traffic lanes.

The system uses the latest technologies. Durable electronic tokens and cards are used to automate parking check-in and check-out procedures. Information reading/writing is wireless.

HiPark groups parking clients into short-term and long-term clients.

Long-term clients use personal plastic cards to enter/exit the parking area. These cards are issued by parking management after the client has signed an agreement on payment and card usage conditions.

Short-term clients use the parking service occasionally and for relatively short periods. HiPark's check-in unit issues electronic tokens to book parking for such clients. The client presses a button at the entry unit and receives a token, thus confirming her/his agreement to use the parking facilities in accordance with the service regulations, and establishing a short-term contract with the service company.

Unlike disposable paper tickets with barcodes or embedded magnetic strips electronic tokens issued to short-term clients may be reused thousands of times. These durable tokens are designed for many years of heavy use and their relieability is not affected by moisture, extreme temperatures, dust, dirt or scratched surfaces. In other words, they do not require the careful handling required for paper tickets, and there is no need to think about which side to be put in the control unit.

The tokens provide secure, enscrypted storage for all important information (date and time of issue, payment amount, etc.). Both tokens and cards have two levels of protection of information to ensure the system's security. Only the control units are able to read from and write information into them, using the verified digital signature of the specific parking site or network.

Because information is stored directly in the cards and tokens, HiPark significantly reduces installation costs for communication cables between check-in/check-out units and cashier sites. Moreover, the system's independence from communication lines substantially increases its overall stability.


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