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Manual cashier workstation

The HiCash manual cashier workstation is a modern, hi-tech solution for automating service to short-term clients at commercial premises such as parking facilities, fitness clubs, recreation and leisure areas, ski fields, ice skating rinks etc.

The solution includes installation of specialised equipment and software at cashier workstations as well as personnel training. The basic configuration of the workstation includes a computer terminal equipped with a token encoder and customer display.

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The core of HiCash functionality is provided by its software, which has been developed to match the average computer skill level of cashiers.

This is why HiCash is very simple to use. Its focus is on delivering high quality service and prompt settlements without complex manual operations. By simply placing the client's token onto a reader, the cashier can see the actual payment amount, and this information goes to the customer display as well. Then, by pressing a terminal key, settlement is done and the token receives an electronic mark allowing the client to leave the toll area.

HiCash registers all token coding events, including special permit coding (exit free of charge) and lost token penalty fee payments.

HiCash maintains an archive of each cashier's operations and the turnover of each shift. It is possible to sort events by parameters such as time of transaction, token number, user name, event type etc.

HiCash allows the reading of operational information from every token in use, such as the issuing date and time, issuing unit's number, payment mark and amount. This information means that problem situations can be resolved in real time.

Special attention is paid to data security. The cashier terminal does not allow unauthorized modification or erasing of the critical system data or the transaction database.

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